泉瀧 新

1989年 山形県生まれ
筑波大学 芸術専門学群 デザイン専攻 卒業

山田塾 27期修了。

2021.12 第7回東京装画賞 入選
2020.10 千修イラストレーションコンテスト 最優秀賞 受賞
2020.6   HB WORK Competition Vol.1 二次審査通過
2020.1   第9回YAMATO Illustration Design Competition 入選
2019.12 第6回東京装画賞 入選 

Arata Izumitaki was born in Yamagata, Japan. After graduating Tsukuba university and working for a manufacturer  companies, he started his illustration career in 2018. he has created illustrations for novel,magazine, and so on .

2021.12 The 7th Tokyo Book Cover Illustration Competition
2020.10 Senshu Illustration design competition 
2020.1   The 9th YAMATO Illustration Design Competition
2019.12 The 6th Tokyo Book Cover Illustration Competition